Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update on Marvalous Omega 3 for High Blood Pressure

In this post I described how helpful Marvalous Omega 3 was for stabilizing my husband's blood pressure.  Well, I am very pleased to inform you that he has reduced his blood pressure medications by 80%!!!!!! He takes 1-2 Marvalous Omega 3 capsules every day.  His blood pressure is fine and he feels great.  In all his years of taking prescription meds he never felt this good!

Another friend of mine takes 2 capsules per day.  She started about 4 months ago because of high blood pressure (130/90), high blood pressure and high blood sugar.  Within 4 months all the numbers came down.  As a matter of fact, her blood pressure went down too far (90/70) because she is still taking her prescription meds.  Her doctor said that she must cut down on the meds. Her blood sugar is completely normal as is her cholesterol.

Is this great or what?

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