Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marvalous Omega 3: Natural Alternative to Ritalin!

There are so many people being helped by Marvalous Omega 3.
I have met children who have gone completely off Ritalin as a result of using the Omega 3. The amount varies. Some kids take as many as 6 capsules per day and some take only 2. Anyone who has ADHD or any kind of attention deficit issues can definitely benefit from using Marvalous Omega 3. This week I heard from a father whose son is 14 years old. He has been on Ritalin for years. He's so short that he looks much younger than his age. His baby teeth also did not fall out thanks to the Ritalin. Within a short while after starting Omega 3 and stopping the Ritalin he grew 3 centimeters and his baby teeth fell out. Someone told me that sounds like a flaky story. Well, it's real. You have to try it to believe it!!!

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One more thing: If you know anyone with Tourette's Syndrome (lots of tics) - I know of one adult and one child whose tics stopped completely as a result of taking this Omega 3 from Salvia Sclarea!