Sunday, August 23, 2009

Omega 3 from Seeds of Salvia Sclarea - Patented!

Dr. Nativ Dudai from the Volcani Institute which is a department in the Ministry of Agriculture, conducted a 7 year research project wherein he examined all of the plants that grow in Israel. The object of the study was to discover what the components of each plant are. During his research he discovered that the seeds of the Salvia Sclarea plant which grows wild in Israel contains a high percentage of ALA - vegetarian omega 3. After his extensive research and discovery the Volcani Institute took out a patent for 20 years on the process of manufacturing oil, cold pressed from the seeds of the Salvia Sclarea plant.

This patent was purchased by Israeli businessmen who opened a company called Marvalous which markets the Omega 3 oil both in Israel and worldwide. The oil is marketed both to companies who manufacture food into which they incorporate omega 3 and to private consumers.

Here is the site for private consumers: