Marvalous Omega 3 Testimonials

I am in the U.S. now, promoting my Marvalous business and I am meeting with many people who use the Marvalous Omega 3 and are loving it.

My friend has a son with Asperger's Syndrome.  He takes psychotropic drugs and has been doing so since he was a small child.  As a result of taking the Marvalous Omega 3 two huge things happened for him:
1.  He is slowly cutting down on the dosages of the prescription, psychotropic medications he's on (very good for him and his liver!)
2.  The terrible excema sores he had on his hands completely healed!
3.  He's Happy!  His moods have greatly improved and he is able to be much more sociable with his friends.

What an amazing testimonial!

Another woman who is using the Marvalous Omega 3 told me today that while she was using the product her blood pressure went down and she had much more energy.  As soon as she ran out (and failed to re-order) her blood pressure went back up.
Needless to say, she will be ordering more of the Omega 3!

My sister in law is a woman in her 50's. She was in a very bad situation where she was constantly fatigued. My husband convinced her to take it for more energy. What happened was that not only did she get more energy, but a terrible pain in her leg which had been practically crippling her for 2 years disappeared after using 2 capsules of Marvalous Omega 3 for two weeks. The pains only return when she forgets to take her omega!!!

Another relative has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and has had a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. He is in his low 50's. He takes 4 capsules of Marvalous Omega 3 every day and his numbers have improved so greatly that he has to cut down on all his meds, including the diabetes meds (not insulin). He basically eats whatever he wants (I'm not recommending this) and his blood sugar stays low thanks to the wonderous Salvia Sclarea oil.