Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marvalous Omega 3 for High Blood Pressure

I just want to report that my whole family is taking Marvalous Omega 3 and are seeing real benefits. My husband suffers from high AND low blood pressure and is on medications. Still, he has days when he can barely function because he just feels lousy because of it. Ever since he has started to take Marvalous Omega 3 from sage he functions much, much better. To the point, that he sometimes doesn't even need to take his Plavix (a sort of a blood thinner medication).

My daughter who is 5 years old, was born with and still has, low muscle tone. When I give her Marvalous Omega 3 her tone is greatly improved. I used to give her fish oil but it was really difficult to get her to take it. I would squeeze the capsules out into a bottle of sweet juice. Yech. She would only take it while she was sleeping and that is terrible for her teeth!! The sage oil has no flavor and I sneak it into her sandwiches and drinks without her noticing. It's really doing wonders for her.

I am keeping my cholesterol numbers way down by using the Omega 3. This, despite my not so wonderful diet.

What can I say? Omega 3 by Marvalous from the sage plant is amazing!