Monday, September 13, 2010

Professor Shmuel Edelstein on Omega 3 from Clary Sage

Here is Professor Shmuel Edelstein, the Chief Scientist of Marvalous, formerly a senior scientist at the Weizman Institute and Head of R&D at Teva Pharmaceuticals, in a Question and Answer session about Omega 3 from Clary Sage. The interview is in Hebrew but there are English subtitles:

Professor Edelstein's impressive bio:

  • Internationally acclaimed expert in the fields of nutrition and Bio – Chemistry.
  • PHD in nutrition from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
  • Was senior scientist at the Dunn Human Nutrition Unit, the British council for medical research, Cambridge University, England.
  • Directed the laboratory for the research of vitamins, Sourasky Medical Center and the Tel-Aviv University, Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • 23 years professor of Bio – Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
  • Director of the  Research and Development operation of Teva Pharmaceutical  Industries
  • Chief scientist for GNC Israel.
  • Advisor and consultant to many international food and food supplement firms..
  • Inventor and Developer of the Alpha D3 drug for the treatment of metabolic bone diseases, Teva Pharmaceutical  Industries Ltd.
  • Published over 100 studies in scientific magazines.
  • 3 times award winner by the Rothschild Foundation, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Weizmann Institute of Science.

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