Friday, August 6, 2010

Marvalous Omega 3 for Parkinsons

Marvalous Omega 3 helps all kinds of autoimmune diseases.  This includes Multiple Schlerosis, Crohn's Colitis and Parkinsons.

There is a famous radio announcer here in Israel who has Parkinsons.  He had to stop working because his voice was shaking too much and he couldn't climb the stairs at the radio station where he worked.  A friend of his recommended trying Marvalous Omega 3 and he started to take it.  He was probably taking 4-6 capsules of 500 milligrams a day.  Within a couple of months he got his voice back and is now able to climb stairs again!

This perhaps may be attributed to the presence of Vitamin E in the Salvia Sclarea oil which is in the capsules.  The seeds of the Salvia Sclarea plant contain 50% vegetarian omega 3 (ALA) and the other 50% is comprised of another 120 ingredients including CoQ10, vegetable sterols, Vitamin E, Manool, Tannic Acid, Linalool etc.  These ingredients greatly enhance the functionality of the Omega 3.  So, it's not just Omega 3 that we are getting when we take the capsules.  This probably explains why Marvalous Omega 3 from Salvia Sclarea oil is so effective at helping many different types of ailments.

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